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Ash Urns

Cremation has a very long history in many different cultures around the world. There are also many different reasons a person might choose to be cremated instead of embalmed and buried. The choice is intensely personal, but sometimes the deceased party did not leave any indication that the choice had been made at all. Other times, the deceased might not have left specific instructions. Regardless of the circumstances, ash urns can be one of the most important purchases in the funeral process. It can be just as important as finding the right casket.

Some ash urns are designed for long-term storage. These urns are decorative and look good on a mantle place or some other appropriate spot. These ash urns can have be attractive wooden boxes, contain picture frames, be in the shapes of angels or other beloved figures, and range in price. Not all urns are meant to be kept, however. Some people may wish to have their ashes scattered at an appropriate location. These ash urns should also be attractive and fit well in a home's décor, because you might keep the urn as a memorial to the deceased, even if the ashes have spread elsewhere.

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