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Bronze Urns

There are two different types of bronze urns. You can choose from either sculpted bronze urns or cast bronze urns. Both types of urns have a very long history, and can be dated back not hundreds, but thousands of years to the initial Bronze Age. Bronze is an alloy metal, which is made from copper. It is much sturdier than copper, and has been used to make everything weapons, to statues, to stylish and tasteful urns. The difference between sculpted and cast urns is more of a matter of aesthetics, not durability or quality.

Sculpted bronze allows the artist to sculpt specific scenes and forms for the urn. This means that sculpted bronze urns can be very elaborate, and definitely reflect the personality and wishes of the deceased. These sorts of urns can be commissioned and designed, so there is only one like them in the world. And since is one of the most sturdy metal alloys in the world, the urn will last for a very long time without being destroyed or decaying. The other type of bronze urn is the cast bronze. These types of urns are typically in a simple box shape, though they could have decorative elements. They also have a shiny, flat surface that is perfect for engravings.

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