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Burial Urns

Some urns are meant to merely transport the cremated remains from the mortuary to the final resting place. Other urns are meant to store the cremated remains in the home, or to stand as a memorial in a place that was important or special to the deceased. But there is a third type of urn. Burial urns are urns designed to be entombed in crypts or mausoleums. Some urns could even be interred in the ground. There are two different types of burial urns. The first time is the permanent urn. The second type is the bio-degradable urn.

The permanent burial urn will not degrade over time. It will always be the same and withstand all the elements. Permanent urns are typically made of cast iron, bronze, marble, metal, or cloisonné. Despite how strong these types of urns are, they should also be placed in burial vaults before they are interred. This gives another layer of protection to the urns and the remains from the elements.

The bio-degradable burial urns will eventually break down in an environmentally safe and friendly way. These urns degrade gradually, allowing the ashes to mingle with the soil and return to the earth once again. These are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people become aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

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