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Cat Urns

Cats are faithful friends and companions for many people. In some cases, cats prove themselves to be closer than actual family members. To say that people can grow attached to their favorite pet cats is an understatement. As a result, the death of a cat can come as a very surprising and hard blow. For some people, the death of a cat is the death of a friend or family member, and as a result, the death of cat requires acknowledgment and a memorial. Cat urns serve a very useful function as a memorial for the lost cat, as well as a touching way to dispose of the lost cat's remains.

Many cat urns are designed to reflect their occupant. Some cat urns even have frames a photograph of the cat. Some urns are sculpted to show cats sitting or cats at play. Cat urns come in many different styles, as well as many different materials. These urns can be ceramic, bronze, cast iron, or other popular materials for urns. Cat urns also range in price. Urns you might use merely to transport the remains to their final resting places might be slight cheaper than urns you would use as the final resting place for your pet.

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