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Companion Cremation Urns

Companion cremation urns are also known as double cremation urns. Companion cremation urns are urns that provide two locations to store ashes. These are most typically used for spouses, though they can be used for any close or filial relationship. These urns can be sculpted or crafted to reflect a particular aspect or personality about the couple, or they can be simple boxes. The companion cremation urns have a more special significance if the couple picked them out together in accordance with their final wishes.

Companion cremation urns often demonstrate a sort of doubling. For example, this urn could be two birds together in flight, or possess similar imagery. This could be a very comforting thing for the survivors, who will see their loved ones are together for eternity, their remains being held in a beautiful memorial chosen in their honor. Companion cremation urns can also be used to hold the remains of one person until the loved one joins them, at which time the ashes can be transported to the final resting place. Companion cremation urns can also be interred in vaults or crypts. They are just as sturdy as regular cremation urns. They also be inscribed with the names and the dates of the deceased parties.

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