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Companion Urns

It is extremely common for couples and families to select plots and grave markers for the entire family. Some people prefer cremation to embalmment, and may also have a shared family vault. In those cases, companion urns would be highly desired, so that the ashes of a couple can be interred together. Companion urns are all very different, but regardless of the material, shape, or size, all of these urns have one thing in common. They are all designed to hold the ashes of two people. They will store the ashes in separate compartments and keep the ashes from mingling. The urns will reflect their purpose by having two different forms, entwining designs, double statues, or places for two sets of names and dates.

Companion urns that are meant to be interred or stored outside as part of a memorial should be made from a strong substance. The material should be something solid like stone, granite, marble, or bronze. All of these types of urns are highly elegant, and they will protect the ashes from the elements. Companion urns that are meant to be stored in the home or a church can be made from a substance like porcelain, wood, ceramic, or the like. The urns are more vulnerable, but they also have a different look and use if they are kept inside.

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