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Cremation Burial Urns

Cremation is the process of burning a body until there is nothing left but very fine ash. This is done instead of the process of embalming and burying. There are many reasons to choose cremation over the alternatives. Sometimes people choose cremation because of religious reasons. Some people choose cremation because of cost consideration. Other people might choose cremation because they wish to be spread over an area or place of extreme importance to them. What happens to the ashes can be as varied and personal as the decision behind cremation. Regardless of why one chooses to cremation, there are urns to fulfill specific needs.

Cremation burial urns are the urns that are buried, usually in a family vault, crypt, or plot. These cremation burial urns need to be placed in vaults that will keep them protected from the elements and from decay. Some cremation burial urns are biodegradable. This means that over time, the urn will degrade and the ashes will return to the earth. As new environmental consciousness takes over society, this option will become more and more popular. Cremation burial urns that are not meant to erode or degrade over time are typically made of strong material, like bronze or cast iron.

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