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Crematory Urns

Urns are merely vases that have specific shapes. There are two different types of urns, generally. There are plant urns and crematory urns. Crematory urns are also funeral urns. These urns are used to hold the remains of cremated bodies, often referred to simply as "ashes." They are not really ashes. The process of cremation involves burning the body and then refining the remnants until they have the consistency of ash. What we think of as ash are really bone fragments. These bone fragments can technically be stored in a variety of containers, and recently, the typical crematory urn has taken the shape of many objects, not just vases. These shapes include boxes and sculptures, as well as items that don't look like ash receptacles at all.

Crematory urns range in price, depending on what they are made out of and how big they are. Another factor of price is whether or not the crematory urn is mass produced or crafted by hand. These urns can also be made for pets. Urns can be made for interment or for transporting the remains. Some urns are small enough to wear on chains as small keepsakes.

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