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Decorative Urns

Decorative urns are often chosen by people who want to set up a permanent memorial for a deceased love one. There are two different types of decorative urns. The first time is an in-door urn. These urns are not designed to withstand the elements. Rather, these urns are meant to be kept in the home, and so they match many different types of decors and coloring schemes. You might find some in-door urns are the same style, but come in many different colors. They also come in many different shapes, from the standard shape we associate with urns, to square boxes, to statues, and other intricate and delicate designs.

Outdoor decorative urns are meant to be used as permanent, outdoors memorials. Because these are meant to be permanent, they are made of very sturdy materials. For example, bronze is the most common and the hardiest of materials for outside decorative urns. Bronze can withstand all sorts of weather and has been known to last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Bronze can also carry inscribed designs and inscriptions of names and dates. Bronze also allows a statue to be sculptured to reflect the personality of the deceased.

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