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Dog Urns

Dogs can live anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending on the breed and the way the animal is taken care of. In a decade or two decades, a dog can come to mean very much to a family. In fact, dogs can become like a member of the family. Often, when a dog has spend that long with a family, every member becomes attached to it, and every member is devastated when the dog eventually passes on. In those instances, it can be a great comfort to the family to have a memorial for the beloved animal. A memorial for a dog can consist of many different things, but one fairly inexpensive and effective memorial is to cremate the pet and keep its remains in dog urns.

Dog urns are available in many different styles. Some of the most popular dog urns have statues of the specific breed of dog. Other popular dog urns are simply in the shape of the specific breed or type. Dog urns often have picture frames as well, so you can attach a photo of your pet. Dog urns will also have a space for you to inscribe the dog's name and specific dates.

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