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Garden Urns

There are two different types garden urns, and a typical Internet search can turn up either type. The first kind of garden urn is literally a large planter that is placed in the garden. These urns are so large that they are often the center piece or the most important decorative piece in the garden. They are made of marble, bronze, or even concrete, and they often hold plants and act as planters. They are the most common type of garden urn, but they are not the only type.

There are also outdoors cremation urns that can be placed in a garden as a sort of memorial to the deceased. These urns are designed to look like they are a regular part of the garden. Some of the urns can be in the shape of a planter, a sundial, or even a bird bath. These types of garden urns can be a beautiful memorial to family members and loved ones who enjoyed spending time in the garden. Placing the urns in a garden can also provide a wonderful, quiet, thoughtful place for family members to visit, mediate, and reflect on the life of the loved one.

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