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Granite Cremation Urns

Granite cremation urns are very heavy and are typically carved into a variety of shapes and styles. Granite cremation urns have the beautiful patterns and colors of mined granite and marble. These are beautiful creams, pinks, blues, greens, and whites, set in stunning, timeless patterns. A granite cremation urn can be in a simple box shape, a heart shape, an oval shape, a round shape, a column shape, and almost anything else you can think of. Some manufacturers and designers will carve specific granite sculptures and boxes to memorialize your lost loved one. The advantage of this is that the urn will reflect your loved one's personality and passions for decades and even centuries to come.

Granite cremation urns are appropriate for urns that are stored in a cemetery, a crypt, or interred. The granite urns will withstand harsh weather, rain, snow, wind, or relentless sun. The granite also will not degrade if it is interred. This means granite combines a timeless elegance and beauty with a durability that can keep the deceased's memorial truly timeless. Granite cremation urns can be on the upper-end of the cost scale, however, there are many online outlets that do offer the granite urns at a discount. You should shop around to look for the best price available for the granite urn you want.

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