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How to Create a Loving Resting Place

Contemplating the prospect of death, be it for oneself or for those dear to you, is never an appetizing prospect. Nevertheless, much as being born is the beginning of life, death is the end, and both of them are inextricably associated with oneís lifespan. Thus, the question of what will happen to your earthly shell after you perish is a valid one, and it must be answered, one way or another. There are some who would choose to spare their loved ones the question of what to do with their remains after they pass on, and so they make the various required decisions ahead of time so their grieving friends and family need only do as they are directed, which also allows them to feel like they are carrying out the deceasedís final wishes.

The most important feature of a resting place is that it provides a place of termination. It is a place anybody can go to and say their goodbyes. It provides closure, both to a life, and to the people around the deceased. Accordingly, it should be decorated to suggest that the deceased is at peace and enjoying his eternal rest. Flowers are typical for setting the mood, as are inspirational verses or quotes to a similar effect. Some may choose to depict the deceased in the prime of his life, to recall to visitors his most positive side, while some may wish to show him as he was before departing the mortal coil, to show that he was, despite his long life, a person like all of us. Arguments can be made for both sides, but the ultimate result must be that it comforts the living, because the dead do not care how they are laid to rest, and if they did, they would take more pleasure in knowing that the ones close to them were able to carry on with life.

Since oneís resting place is a place where people go to ritually remember the deceased, it must be easily distinguished from that of others. It may be a place where parents take their children to remind them of lost relatives, or a place where a widowed spouse goes to mourn their lost partner, but the significance of the act comes from the fact that it is done where they are closest to the dearly departed. A failure to consider this cheapens the respects that others pay to the deceased, and so, one should take care to consider the location and uniqueness of the final resting place, be it for oneself or for another person.

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