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How to Shop for an Urn

Cremation urns come in a near limitless variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Finding the right one for the ashes of a loved one can be difficult simply due to the breadth of options available in terms of both personal preference and cost.

The easiest and perhaps most direct way is to shop retail at a funeral home. The salesperson can guide you through a variety of styles and types fitting your wants and can most likely special order any particular requests. An experienced guide can advise from their experience the types of urns that others have preferred and found satisfying. You will also have the ability to see the urn in person, to determine if the size and other attributes are right for you.

The salesperson can provide guidance to speed along the process, both in selection and actual in-hand purchasing, if shopping for an urn is difficult. One of the drawbacks of purchasing at a home is that the price will probably be much higher than the same urn found on the Internet. Chance are, the styles will be limited too.

While in the past mail-order catalogues may have been an option, the Internet has near completely supplanted this market. On the Web, you will find the greatest variety of choices available for purchase. Unlike a funeral home, you will have to provide the initiative and guidance in making a final selection.

Before beginning, consider your situation. Determine your budget as urns can be found for both very cheap, starting at twenty dollars, to almost as much as you would like to spend, but usually in the range of several hundred dollars. Once you have your price determined, decide a general style you would like. Traditional urns are easy to find, but today you can find urns that are made of a wood, marble, or glass. Urns are also tailor made to fit the personality of the individual with urns for animal lovers, veterans, and religiously themed urns.

Once you’ve decided, make sure you deal with a reputable online store. Look for seals that verify that they securely handle credit card information. These can usually be found on their homepage or as you check out. Also, check that they ship through a reliable carrier such as UPS or the Postal Service. Additionally, determine if they have a return policy just in case if you change your mind after receiving the product.

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