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Planter Urns

Planter urns are urns that are placed in gardens, though they can also be used in green houses, and as decorative elements in homes. Planter urns are also known as garden urns. They come in many different materials, like resin, cast iron, and bronze. All of these materials are good for outside planters because they can withstand the elements. Harsh weather, wind, or sun will not destroy, discolor, or otherwise ruin planter urns. Planters also come in moss, tan, and other earthy tones. These earthy tones make attractive additions to any garden or green house.

Planter urns are typically very large and very heavy. They can accommodate one large plant or several small growing flowers. They also will not tip over in winds. They come in a variety and range of prices, and many online vendors sell planter urns at reduced prices and sales prices. You can find any size, color, or shape of planter urns that you might need for your garden and home.

Planter urns are not like cremation urns. These types of urns are designed to hold plants, mostly in gardens and yards. Cremation urns are much smaller and they are used to store or transport the cremated remains of corpses.

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