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Top 10 Urn Styles

When purchasing an urn, there is a huge variety of styles that can make shopping for the right one for yourself or your loved one difficult. At a funeral home or on the Internet, the variety can appear bewildering. However, there are a few general styles to keep in mind that can make the process much easier and making shopping for one much quicker.

1. The traditional vase shape is always a good choice. Today, these vase-style urns come in plethora of colors, from the very subdued to the bright eye-catchers, and different materials. Marble is a very classic material, but you can now find urns made of wood, brass, and ceramics.

2. Glass is perhaps an uncommon material to be used to construct urns, but the material allows a greater variety of colors and shapes than more standard materials.

3. Moving away from more traditional styles, art urns can provide an extra bit of flare and personality to reflect the individual. These can be found in a nearly limitless variety, but are essentially a large base with a sculpture on top.

4. For veterans, there are options for a service-related urn signifying the tours of duty, or branch of the armed services one was a part of. These can be branch emblems on the urn to detailed scaled sculptures of the Vietnam War memorial for example.

5. Religiously themed urns are always appropriate. These too can be as simple as a cross or an inscription of a particular verse to miniature sculptures of angels and saints.

6. The interests of the person can also be featured in the style of the urn. There are some that feature scenes, engraved or in sculpture, of nature, sports memorabilia, and animals.

7. Urns can also be customized to feature a picture and favorite words of the deceased in the fashion of a memorial. Many online retailers also have the option to integrate some of their styles with a picture and name as well.

8. A very popular recent style is the hourglass that holds ashes like a usual hourglass would hold sand. These urns have been featured on major news programs for their novelty.

9. For special circumstances, there are also companion urns that can hold two sets of ashes either in separate containers or together.

10. As a final option, for those scattering the ashes of their loved ones, keepsakes, small urns that can be displayed or even worn are available in just as many varieties as full-scale urns.

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