Urns are a specific type of vase. This type of vase has a wide bottom, a narrow neck, and handles on either side. Urns have been used throughout history, and not all urns are funeral urns. Some urns are used to hold flowers, plants, water, and even items like knives and utensils. Urns can come in a variety of materials. Stone, marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, bronze, and wood urns are all very common. Urns can be very plain and utilitarian. These are appropriate for urns that are going to be put in vaults or otherwise interred.

Urns can also be extremely elaborate and decorative. Decorative urns have been popular throughout history, and fragments are still found from ancient civilizations throughout the world. Urns can also be hand-crafted, hand-painted, or hand-sculpted. This process makes urns more personal, and more reflective of the deceased party and the family members.

Urns can also be used for pets. These types of urns are just like urns you would use for a human family member, though they may be in the shape of the pet, or otherwise have markings or inscriptions that bear information about the pet.

If you plan to be cremated after your passing, you should investigate the type of urn you would like and specify that in the document detailing your final wishes. That is the best way to insure that your memorial truly reflects your personality and your wishes.

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