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Urns FAQ

Q: Is there one type of material that is best for urns?
Actually, the type of material that you choose for your urn is completely up to you. However, many people have found it very useful to choose the material of their urn based on the particular way that they would like to have their urn featured. For example, many people have turned to the classic brass cremation urns if they simply intend on burying the urn in their family plot at the cemetery. However, many other people like to be able to keep their family memberís remains within their home, so they have opted for a much more elegant approach, purchasing some of the fancier and higher end marble urns.

Q: What is the best way to say a final farewell to my precious pet? Is there a specific burial process for pets?
Actually, there is a very handsome selection of pet urns that you can look into. These feature much smaller design that provide a very convenient fit for animals. In addition, you can even find those that feature the likeness of your particular type of animal if you would like to have a memorial urn to keep on display within your home.

Q: What is the most earth friendly type of burial or cremation urn? Is there such a thing?
Actually, yes, there is. There are a few companies that have worked hard to provide a very earth friendly solution for those of you with an extra degree of care for the wellbeing of the planet. You can actually find biodegradable urns. These specialty urns provide an extra way to show your loved one that you are intent on respecting their final wishes and upholding one of their more highly prized values even after their parting.

Thanks to rising awareness of our growing pollution problems around the world, there is now a greater variety of these biodegradable models of burial and cremation urns that you can look through. These special biodegradable urns are frequently made of very thin material that features wood as its foundation. Some are even made from a very heavy recycled paper. This means that you can also find a very wide range of shapes and sizes since this type of material is so pliable and easy to manipulate. And it is always very nice to be able to experience a personal touch in matters such as these.