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Urns For Pets

Urns for pets are different from other urns because they are designed specifically for pets. Like urns for people, there are three basic things you can do with urns for pets. The cremated remains of your favorite pet can be interred or buried, stored in a home or a place of memorial, or spread the ashes in a favored spot. For example, you might want to take a dog's ashes to a favorite park, or a lake, or a place where the dog liked to play.

Which urn you buy depends on what you plan to do with the pet's remains. For example, ashes that are meant to be interred will need to be in a strong urn, such as a stone urn, a bronze urn, or a granite urn. Urns for pets that are going to be kept in the house do not need to be made out of anything as strong as stone or granite, but instead can be made of porcelain, ceramic, or even wood. These items can be hand-painted and hand-polished, or even sculpted, to properly honor your pet. Ashes that are going to be spread in a favored location can be transported in wood urns for pets. Despite all these guidelines, ultimately the best urns for pets is the urn that makes your family happy.

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