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Wood Urns

Urns can be used to transport ashes, store ashes, or inter ashes. Urns that are used to inter ashes should be made of a strong material and placed in a vault, unless you would like the urn to eventually decompose and return your ashes to the earth. Urns that are going to be stored in the home should also be made of something sturdy, to withstand the years, though it will not have to withstand the elements and weather like an urn that is stored outside or underground. Urns that are merely going to transport ashes from one location to another can be made of wood, as they will not only do a good transporting the ashes, but will act as beautiful memorials to the deceased party once the ashes have been spread in their final resting place.

Wood urns can be carved into a variety of shapes. Wood urns can also have inlays and inscriptions carved into them. The more expensive wood urns will have a more careful and elaborate design. Wood urns are also available in many different types of wood, and thus, can be found in different colors and strengths. They even come in different sizes, including small jewelry wood urns, or keepsake wood urns.

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